The University of Aberdeen warmly invites you to submit artistic proposals to the multidisciplinary symposium Beyond Perception 15, to be held in Aberdeen from 1 September until 4 September 2015. The symposium, aptly titled Beyond Perception 15, addresses the anthropologist Tim Ingold’s work over the last fifteen years, since the publication of his prominent book The Perception of the Environment in 2000. The symposium will cover five main themes, including i) Humans, Animals, Environment; ii) Sensibilities Beyond Science; iii) Experiment, Experience, Education; iv). Creativity, Correspondence, and Description; v) Movement, Becomings, and Growth. As a innovative interdisciplinary event that brings together anthropologists, architects, and social sciences with dancers, visual artists and filmmakers we want to give as much prominence to the non-textual and creative as possible. With this in mind we are seeking proposals for non-textual work that offers something to the conversation and dialogue that our conference themes touch upon. 2D and 3D work would be welcome, as well as auditory, visual and performative pieces. There will be space available to exhibit both inside the conference venue and outside. Please get in touch with the Beyond Perception team ( if you wish to submit a proposal. Each proposal should contain a title and description of the work (maximum length 250 words), a current CV, and up to six images of the work to be shown, as well as any specific installation (spatial, technical) requirements that you may have. Deadline for proposals is June 1st 2015. More information can be found here

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