Anthropology, Weather and Climate Change

The RAI is delighted to announce the call for panels for a major conference entitled «Anthropology, Weather and Climate Change» which will take place at the British Museum, 27-29 May 2016, organized in conjunction with the BM Department for Africa, Oceania and the Americas. We welcome proposals for panels on all aspects of this timely and complex issue.
Anthropology is understood here as being in its widest sense, including Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology and Social Anthropology.

Call for Panels and Papers

The call for panels is now open.  Panel proposal submissions can be made by one or more than one individual.  Once the panels have been chosen the call for papers will open and there will be an open call for speakers to offer papers to the accepted panels.
We particularly encourage proposals that bring together a diversity of institutions: universities, NGOs, international and governmental organisations where these discussions currently take place, often independently of one another. We additionally would discuss and clarify the contribution anthropology and ethnographic research methods can contribute to the issue.
Interdisciplinary exchanges of ideas through talks, discussion sessions, working groups and exhibitions are particularly welcome.
Without in any way wishing to prejudge what sort of panels proposals may be offered, the following are some suggestions that may be of interest:

  • Global environmental change and local responses explored ethnographically
  • Sustainability, indigenous knowledge and traditional economies
  • Local concepts and interpretation of climate change
  • Ethno-meteorology: Local concepts and understandings of weather
  • Climate change and human society in the archaeological record
  • Green growth paradigm – is this new development strategy fit from an anthropological perspective?
  • Biodiversity Conventions and their impacts
  • Climate change, heritage and museums
  • Contributions to the Anthropocene debate
  • Past Human Ecodynamics
  • Political pressures surrounding sustainable resource governance
  • The weather – and historical concepts of climate change
  • Innovative energy and water networks
  • Climate related natural disasters
  • Public health and climate change
  • Climate Change – rising waters: relocation of communities
  • Desertification and dryland environments
  • Climate impact on land- and seascapes
  • Climate change activism and climate change denial
  • Climate refugees and migration
  • Gender, generation and climate change
  • Effect of climate change on diet, body and health
  • Social change and climate change
  • Millennial visions and climate change in the imagination
  • Sharing anthropological knowledge of climate change with the wider community, and its implications for policy.

The form to submit panels may be found HERE. The deadline for panel submissions is 30 June 2015. Other informal enquiries may be made to admin[@]
Call for panels opens on 27 February 2015 and closes on 30 June 2015
Call for papers opens on 28 August 2015 and closes on 8 January 2016
Conference Fee:
Non-Fellow: £180
RAI Member: £160
RAI Fellow: £95
Concessions: £75
RAI Student Fellow: £50


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