PhD student needed Citizen science and traditional agroecological knowledge

PhD student needed Citizen science and traditional agroecological knowledge: How to increase citizen’s participation in the Spanish Inventory of Traditional Knowledge related to Biodiversity?
Contract Duration: 3 years
Contract type: FPI, Reference project: CSO2014-59704-P
The importance of traditional knowledge for the conservation of biodiversity has attracted interest to preserve, maintain and promote this type of knowledge. In this context, a group of researchers is developing the Spanish Inventory of Traditional Knowledge (IECT) related to Biodiversity, a public instrument which aims to collect traditional ecological knowledge (TEK), assess its conservation and vulnerability, and make it accessible to managers, researchers, and citizens. In its current development, IECT only includes ethnobiological information collected by professional researchers. This research will develop and validate a new methodology that would broaden the basis on which the TEK is collected. Specifically, we will develop an interactive digital platform that allows any citizen both to contribute traditional knowledge and to access information provided by other citizens. The project will last three years.
Responsibilities: The selected student would register in the PhD program of Environmental Sciences and Technology Institute at UAB ( S/he will be responsible for collecting data for the project and preparing it for analysis. Fieldwork will imply working with school students and teachers to gather information about agroecological practices provided by their elders. The thesis will be directed by V. Reyes-Garcia, M. Pardo-de-Santayana and/or J. Vallès.
Profile: Candidates should have an official master’s degree (or the equivalent number of academic credits in degree studies) and a strong background in the social or natural sciences (preferably agriculture), including courses in statistics and research methods, and be fluent in Spanish (being aware that some information from children in schools or other citizens will be provided in other Spanish languages -Basque, Catalan, Galician-) and English. Candidates should also show interest to work with children and pre-adolescents. Students would be encouraged to pursue their own research plans and collect data for their dissertation.
Contract terms: Applicants should meet the requirements for “contratos predoctorales” ( Applicants will find contract terms in the same web page.
To apply: Interested students should contact Victoria Reyes-García ( by June 25, 2015 to receive full consideration.  The application should include a letter of interest and a current CV of the applicant. And internal selection will take place, and the selected student should be readyto apply on-line before June 29thThis project is funded by the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad

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