5th International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development

July 12-15, 2016 Lisbon,Portugal
Reminder - submission deadline 15th September 2015
Please submit at http://heritage.greenlines-institute.org/
HERITAGE 2016 – 5th International Conference on Heritage and 
Sustainable Development
The Conference follows the path of the previous editions: it aims at establishing a state of the art event regarding the relationships 
betweenforms and kinds of heritage and the framework of sustainable 
development concepts.
·  Heritage and governance for sustainability
·  Heritage and society
·  Heritage and environment
·  Heritage and economics
·  Heritage and culture
·  Heritage and education for the future
·  Preservation of historic buildings and structures
·  Heritage and cultural tourism
·  Special Chapter: Heritage and authenticity

If you have any question please contact the Conference 
Secretariat HERITAGE 2016
Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development
Av. Alcaides de Faria, 377 S12
4750-106 Barcelos, PORTUGAL
e.mail:  <mailto:heritage2016@greenlines-institute.org>
website: heritage.greenlines-institute.org

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