Environment and Society, Issue 8, call for abstracts

Measurement and Metrics
How do we approach, measure, quantify and qualify socio-environmental issues and phenomena? How does what we measure or the way we measure it, affect what we know and how we act? How do particular types of, or approaches to, measurement become embedded in epistemic communities and with what consequences? What new things can we learn with new forms and techniques of measurement?
In this issue of Environment & Society we invite any papers which explore the issue of measurement and metrics. Topics could include, but are not limited to:

–       Counting trees, forest, carbon, biodiversity, water;
–       Counting people, or grouping them into ‘households’, domestic units, ethnic groups;
–       New forms of data measuring environmental issues (eg social media, mobile phones, dating techniques);
–       Challenges and opportunities of assembling new data-sets from multiple sources;
–       BIG data;
–       Challenges posed by the recognition of statistical tragedies;
–       Ways of measuring well-being and prosperity (happiness, assets, consumption and GDP);
–       Analyses of accountancy;

Environment & Society is a review journal that appears once per year. Its papers are meant to review substantial bodies of literature that have appeared in previous years. We expect therefore contributions to this issue to contain substantial literature reviews. We also find, however, that the best authors and papers tend to include some original material in their work. Papers which do so, while remaining overwhelmingly review papers, are welcome.


  • Abstracts in response to this call are due by December 16th 2015.
  • We will decide which abstracts to accept and invite papers by December 23rd 2015.
  • Completed papers are due by 31st August 2016.

Please send abstracts to ares.journal@gmail.com
Please send all enquiries to d.brockington@sheffield.ac.uk

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