Call for papers – EASST/4S Conference BCN 2016 Energy Beyond Crisis: Energetic Bodies, Ecologies, and Economies Barcelona, Spain, August 31 – September 3 2016

In our current geopolitical landscape, marked by crisis, energy has emerged as a multidisciplinary field of study ranging from social sciences and humanities to natural and physical sciences and engineering practices. This panel interrogates the multiple meanings of “energy,” beyond apocalyptic visions, by focusing on its complex forms and interactions. We invite papers that pay particular attention to the multiple and entangled ontologies and epistemologies of energy. It is our aim that this attunement will foster conversations across disciplines by troubling the notions of crisis, sustainability, scarcity, risk and harm that shape thinking around energy.
This panel is structured around three containers: bodies, ecologies, and economies. We ask: how do we come to imagine, represent, and interact with energy beyond crisis? What can particular visions of energy—as utility, service provider, health disrupter, infrastructure and energetic force—do to the bodies and environments they interact with? We invite contributors to address “energy” by considering several themes. These include, but are not limited to:

Politics and geographies of energy
  • Infrastructures and landscapes
  • Sources of energy production
  • Sustainability, including low-carbon energy transitions
  • Materialities and immaterialities
  • Causality and contingency
  • Bioeconomies
  • Organisms, metabolisms and systems
  • Sensitivities and energetic attunements
  • Radiation, chemicals exposure
  • Value, waste and residuals
  • Energy and modernity
  • States and citizens
  • Risk and precarity
  • Framing and defining energy


Energy Working Group, York University, Toronto

For abstract submission:

Deadline for abstract submissions: February 1, 2016
Communication of acceptance/rejection of abstracts to authors: February 15, 2016
For more information on the conference:

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