Nuevo número de Economic Anthropology de acceso gratuito

La revista Economic Anthropology tiene este número en acceso gratuito. El número de enero de 2016 está editado por Cindy Isenhour y Tom Amor e incluye 14  artículos.

Economic Anthropology 3(1) January 2016. «Energy and Economy” Thomas Love & Cindy Isenhour, editors
Thomas Love & Cindy Isenhour – «Introduction: Recognizing high-energy modernity as a historical period»
Justin R. Bucciferro «Neither counterfeit nor paradise: The carrying capacity of pre-Columbian ecosystems in Brazil»
Jalel Sager – «The crown joules: Resource peaks and monetary hegemony»
Caura L.Wood – «Inside the halo zone: Geology, finance, and the corporate performance of profit in a deep tight oil formation»
Sandy Smith-Nonini – » The role of corporate oil and energy debt in creating the neoliberal era»
Canay Özden-Schilling – «The infrastructure of markets: From electric power to electronic data»
Bilge Firat – “The most eastern of theWest, the most western of the East”: Energy-transport infrastructures and regional politics of the periphery in Turkey»
Charlotte Johnson – «District heating as heterotopia: Tracing the social contract through domestic energy infrastructure in Pimlico, London»
Stephanie Rupp – » Circuits and currents: Dynamics of disruption in New York City blackouts»
Cristina Cielo, Lisset Coba, & Ivette Vallejo – «Women, nature, and development in sites of Ecuador’s petroleum circuit»
Ben Campbell, Jon Cloke, & Ed Brown – «Communities of energy”


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