Human and Environmental Security Conference | 25-27 November 2015, Morocco

The organization of HES2015 International Conference «Human and Environmental Security in the Era of Global Risks» (25-27 November 2015, Agadir, Morocco) is in progress. We have received an important number of proposals so far but the Organizing Committee have decided to provide potential interested delegates with additional deadlines to submit their proposals.

– Deadline for abstract and session submission: August 30, 2015.

HES2015 — as the 4th edition of a science-policy forum organized by the Environment & Human Security Program (EHSP) of the NRCS with many national and international partners — is an opportunity on the eve of the COP21 to deepen the debate about the security implications of global risks, especially environmental and climate ones. The approach consists of questioning the ability of existing concepts, technologies and governance frameworks to accurately deal with emerging risks to human and environmental security and help acting in the direction of effectively managing their impacts. Speakers from different perspectives will be provided with the opportunity to share their relevant research, insights, and successful practices, and furthermore explore innovative options to guide future processes of change. The Conference key topics are multidisciplinary and highly relevant to policy-making processes in all governance levels and spheres.

HES2015 Key Topics

The structure of the HES2015 consists of the following four thematic approaches across which different sessions will be formed to addressing related topics in an innovative and interdisciplinary manner:

– Understanding the vulnerability of human and environmental
security to emerging global risks
– Identification of constraints and opportunities in addressing
global risks’ impacts on environmental and human security
– Shifts to be made to deal with global risks from a security
perspective while fostering the co-viability of human-ecological
– Governance and policy innovations to manage global risks from a
human-environmental security perspective

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