Panel CFP –Indigenous knowledge and wildlife biodiversity, International Union for Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences Intercongress, Dubrovnik, Croatia, May 4-9, 2016

Ever since the Convention on Biological Diversity in 1992, states have been called upon to respect, preserve, and maintain the knowledge and practices of indigenous and local peoples relevant to conservation of biological diversity. The 2007 UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples likewise recognizes that respect for indigenous knowledge contributes to sustainable development and environmental stewardship; while calling for indigenous control of environmental knowledge. There is a general idea that indigenous rights and biodiversity conservation should reinforce one another, but a need to collect case studies to see how this works in culture- and species-specific contexts.
This panel explores the experiences of indigenous cultures with initiatives in wildlife, including avian, biodiversity; as well as untapped potential for indigenous contribution to conservation. This panel seeks to explore knowledge systems of indigenous peoples, especially relationships with birds and other wildlife. It plans to look at case studies in which indigenous peoples have been involved in wetlands management, coastal areas management, conservation efforts and co-management of hunting regimes, with critical perspectives on politics of biodiversity. It will look at cases where indigenous peoples are included in such projects; but also at cases in which they are excluded. Do different peoples have different ways of perceiving wildlife and living with animals, including birds? What are the implications of social and cultural differences for conservation of biological diversity? How can indigenous rights be reinforced or undermined by biodiversity regimes? What potential exists for collaboration between anthropologists, biologists, and indigenous communities in wildlife conservation?
Please submit panel online before January 31, 2016 (midnight Croatia time):
Submission deadline:January 31, 2016


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